Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

headless moving boxes

January 1, and I am at work.

I remember New Year’s Day from my early twenties and how cozy it used to feel.  It’s a strange word to describe a particular public holiday, but it’s true for me.  It used to be a day of recuperation (and it still is), watching movies all day long with my family, and eating the most unhealthy stuff we could get our hands on.

Granted, it wasn’t the healthiest or most productive start to a new year, but there was something cozy about that time spent with family free from the pressure of the preceding social event.  You see, I come from a rather large family and special occasions – over the years – have become like large productions or events.  This, of course, includes the effort involved in producing said events and is therefore completely exhausting.  I’m sure there are lots of families like this, though.

Anyway, now I’m at work as the evening doctor.  I responsibly stopped drinking prior to midnight so that I could avoid feeling a little under the weather and treat patients safely under the assumption that all the alcohol had well and truly worn off.  I think if asked, they’d appreciate it.

I don’t actually mind working the evenings.  It gives me a chance to slowly say goodbye to this hospital and the people I’ve worked alongside for four years, because in just under three weeks I will be leaving it for good to begin my training as a family doctor.  This will involve an actual move to a new town a mere six hours away, but more on that later.

For now I’m just going to enjoy my last days saying goodbye.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Bring on 2014!

Dr A.



Creamy Paper

ImageSo I find myself in this familiar old position again – the beginning of a fresh new blog.

It is a little bit like opening a brand new journal, with it’s crisp and unblemished pages of thick, creamy paper.  There’s the moment where your fingers hover over the keys and all of the possibilities build up inside you and you just have to say something.

You see, I’m a natural-born writer.

Please don’t take this to mean I think I’m any good at writing, it’s just that I absolutely need to write. And so here we are.  Again.

The first blog I ever wrote was called One Version of Things.  Back then, life was simpler and anonymity was something I dismissed as unnecessary.  Now that I’m older and working as a doctor, my private life needs to be protected.

You’re probably wondering why, if privacy is so important, would I put my life on the internet for potentially anyone to read, and you’d have a valid point.  However, if even one person reads this blog and finds something they can relate to, then I’ll be a happy guy.

Even though I will need to conceal certain things to protect myself, there are a few things about me that will suffice as an introduction:

– I’m 29
– I’m male
– I’m Australian
– I’m a doctor
– I’m gay

And that will do for now.  This blog, like the first One Version blog, will be largely about my observations / ramblings on my own life.  Your experience will certainly differ, but as in all things, we can find common ground and form a connection through shared experience.

This is simply Another Version of Things.